The bus

Wagonbar by night

The WagonBar is a double-decker touring coach that has been specially designed and designed to be a restaurant. The lower floor is occupied by a kitchen, a pantry, a cloakroom, a toilet and the driving space. The dining room is located on the upper floor, it is composed of 12 tables to accommodate 2 to 4 people. The tables are riveted to the ground and can not be moved any more the central aisle is narrow and it remains very convivial to dine at 6, 7 or 8 people. The roof is fully glazed and all walls are matched in glass so that are suitable for enjoying the view.
IPads are placed at each end of the table to allow to follow the routes and to identify the monuments thanks to a version specially published for the WagonBar by the application "tracer of monument".

  • It is air-conditioned. Each table has an adjustable air inlet.
  • Every summer is planned for your greetings and bottles in peace.
  • Quality audio equipment broadcasting jazz music.
  • Each table is located against a large bay window.
  • There is no over-pupil above the wheels, so the floor is flat.

Upper floor

Ground floor

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