Are menus cooked on location?

Your meal is prepared on the day of your scheduled reservation aboard. 

Are dishes stable on the table?

Our structure is mobile but everything is designed to ensure comfort during the meal. The driving is slow and smooth, the chosen itinerary offers well-paved roads and we have the appropriate system to keep glasses and bottles on the table.

Are there toilets on-board?

Yes, there is a comfortable area where you can freshen up.

Are benches restrictive in terms of space?

The WagonBar is equipped with fixed benches and tables. The space between the bench and the table, as well as the width of the seat cannot be modified in any way.

Is there wheel chair access?

Unfortunately, no. For technical reasons, it wasn't possible to make our structure accessible to wheelchairs. We hope to make that possible in our future structure.

Is there a dress code?

Our restaurant is elegant and refined and we therefore ask our guests to make an effort to dress appropriately.

Is there air conditioning on-board?

The temperature on-board is of course controlled and we make sure that it remains pleasant at all time.

Do you have menus for children?

No. In order to ensure the quality of the food served aboard the WagonBar, we can only offer a limited amount of dishes. We therefore cannot offer menus adapted to the younger crowd.

Is it a guided tour?

In order to provide a warm and cosy atmosphere, we have decided that the tour wouldn’t be guided. Nevertheless, your hosts will provide you with anecdotes on the history and life in Lyon.

Do you address special diets?

We are happy to accommodate special diets if the request is formatted when the reservation is made. To maintain the quality of the food, we can only accommodate vegetarians and people with particular allergies such as gluten intolerance…

Do you offer special services for unique occasions?

We like to provide great service and will accommodate your request as best we can. Please specify your request at the time of your reservation or contact us by email at the following address: contact@lewagonbar.com.

Does the WagonBar stop along the way?

No stop is allowed during your time aboard the WagonBar. A 15 minute long break is nevertheless planned.

Can I make a reservation for one person?

You may of course make a reservation for a single person. However, you cannot reserve a whole table (which sits four people) for one person. The single person will have to share his/her table with two other guests.

Is it possible to reserve a table for two people without sharing?

When you make a reservation for two people you, one entire table is reserved for you. It will not be shared with other passengers.

How are we seated with a five people reservation?

All our tables sit four people. If you make a reservation for five people, you will be seated at two separate yet close-by tables. Two people will be seated at one table and three others at another table. For more conviviality, we suggest extending your invitation to more guests!

Do you offer carafes of water on-board the WagonBar?

Although we have drinkable water on board, it is mainly used for hygiene (sink, washbasin and toilets) and we choose not to serve it to our guests. Bottles of still and sparking water are available for purchase on-board (see our beverage menu).